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I am a shooter of historical firearms and have collected and sold firearms and military collectables for the past 40 years and continue to enjoy the "hunt and acquisition" of fine pieces and the pleasure of sourcing similar items for others.


I buy, sell and trade antique and collectable military and sporting rifles, shotguns, pistols and revolvers especially Adams, Bergmann, Egg, Greener, Tranter, Webley, Enfield, Colt, Remington, Winchester, Martini-Henry, Marlin, Mauser, Maynard, Smith & Wesson and other interesting or notable manufacturers. I also stock a wide selection of books, medals, curiosa and accoutrements and welcome your "wants" lists as I travel extensively. I often find difficult to acquire items and can sometimes source "Unobtanium" through my extensive and worldwide network. I attend all of the major arms fairs in the UK and USA to meet shooting friends and customers and I am pleased to meet customers at my gunroom by appointment.


I have enjoyed a life-long interest in Admiral Horatio Nelson also cater for Nelson aficionados with an interesting stock of Nelsonia.


All my items are 100% original, unless clearly shown, and I research all new items diligently, I also offer a money back guarantee of authenticity for peace of mind. I take customer satisfaction very seriously so all purchased items are securely packaged and shipped within 24 hours of cleared purchase.


I also offer a commission sales service which is significantly less expensive and more straightforward than the auction houses and can be far more expedient. I will research your item, consider current market valuation and offer your item with immediate settlement on sale subject to my normal guarantee. I have customers waiting for specific guns and I am fully insured for transit and storage of items.


I am extremely flexible and realistic and appreciate that often the "once in a lifetime" acquisition can arrive at the very worst time so will consider part-exchange, full trades and realistic "lay-away" plans for more expensive items. I will also trade for gold and silver coins and offer full market prices.


I also have a varied selection of Section 1 & 2 Firearms Click here for details.

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